"Happy" Mother's Day

2011 April 01

Created by Susan Edwards (nee: Kilburn) on 09/09/2014
Dearest Mummy I hope you are at peace and happy. I hope you are with loved ones and friends. Words cannot begin to convey the absence you left in my heart and my life, sometimes I am very alone and lost without you. I hope you hear me when I talk to you. I smell you sometimes and know you are always with me. Life tries to go on and I just want you to be proud of me as I am of you and all that you stood for. I would like to be just like you mummy. I love you so very much and not a day goes by when you do not enter my thoughts and not a millisecond when you are not in my heart. You were my World and that stopped spinning when you had to go. I love you mummyXXXXXX Sleep tightXXXXXXX your Susan