The birth of an Angel

2011 February 26

Created by Susan Edwards (nee: Kilburn) on 09/09/2014
On 17th September 2010, the third anniversary of mum's death, at the exact time mum left this earth, her second great grandaughter was born and I was lucky enough to be present at her birth. Mum was all about her family, of which she was always the central piece of the puzzle. Mum had a gift with children and they instantly fell in love with her and being in her company was sought by everyone who knew her. Imogen Elizabeth Long came into this World a fighter, a survivor. Born to Daniel and Becky, Imogen makes their family complete, as mum did ours. When I look at her I see mum's spirit and gumption. Mum would have been so proud that Imogen's middle name is directly after her. Imogen joins mum's other great grandchildren Brandon, Molly, Mason and Lucas. With another due in April. Mum will be their Guardian Angel, watching over them for the rest of their lives and that makes me feel warm inside my heart.